Our History

The history of L.H.D Limited and its subsidiaries

The company began life on 3rd of April 1900 as Lowestoft Steam Herring Drifters Company Limited, and traded under that name until 1943 when the company was wound up. A number of vessels were sold to the Boston Group. The remaining vessels together with some other assets were sold to Director Harold Bravener Jackson who formed the new company Lowestoft Herring Drifters Limited.

The company continued trading under that name until 21 October 1970 when the name was changed to L.H.D Limited

Following the acquisition of the local net manufacturing and repair company D & A Duthie, a new subsidiary company L.H.D Net Mending Limited was set up on 5 May 1969 to continue the net manufacture and repair business and expand the range of supplies and services offered to its customers. L.H.D Net Mending Ltd changed its name to L.H.D Marine Supplies on 27 September 1996.

January 1983 saw the takeover of local electronics company H. Williamson & Sons of Scalloway by L.H.D Limited. Together with four of the company's previous employees, a new company, H. Williamson & Sons (Scalloway) Limited was formed. The company specialises in the supply and servicing of electronics for the marine, aquaculture and fish processing industries.

In 1985, L.H.D Limited took over J&M Shearer Ltd and formed a new company J&M Shearer (Ice Supplies) Ltd. New ice plants were built in Lerwick and Scalloway. The company continued to trade under that name until it became part of L.H.D Marine Supplies Limited in April 2004.

In 1994, the local company Oceansafe Ltd, which specialised in the production of nets for the salmon and fishing industries, was taken over. Together with its former manager, a new company Oceansafe (Shetland) Ltd, was formed on 5 September 1994. The company ceased trading in February 2004.

Nets are now designed, manufactured and repaired by L.H.D Marine Supplies Limited. The company also specialises in the supply of ship chandlery, wire rope and chain, fishing gear, lifting gear and the supply of fuel oil.